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Ferraz Company

A translating and INET investigating and researching company
Any questions? If yes, email us at ferrazcompany.2872@gmail.com or send us a message by filling out the form down this page.


Unfortunately, Ferraz company has closed three branches due to Covid-19 leaving only two which are FCI and FCR. That means that translating and other systems will not be available due to Covid-19. Only FCI and FCR systems will be available. When are the other branches coming back? You might ask. We are not sure, depending on how the Covid-19 issue will be controlled is how we are going to re-open the other branches. We appreciate your collaboration, and don't forget that this is only temporarily.

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Ferraz Company is developing more websites for other branches, so hold tight and chill.

Temporary issue

This website is temporary, because the main ferraz company website has been shut down due to a technical issue. The issue is a big one so this website is going to be up for a couple of days. We will update this website with the link of the new, cleaner website that is being fixed.

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